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Do you enjoy drinking fine wines at a small vineyard while taking in stunning views of the Columbia River Gorge?  We at Noon International certainly do, and we enjoy treating our customers to experiences such as this even more!  On a beautiful Sunday afternoon in eastern Washington, Noon International had the privilege of treating some customers to a relaxing brunch at the Cave B winery before the rigors of a long and productive work week started on Monday.  Please come visit us and taste for yourself the fine wines created in our world class agriculture producing region.  Included pictures showcase the Cave B vineyard overlooking the Columbia River and some green grapes on the bush in the process of ripening

Grapes on VineColumbia and Grape Vines

Our Northwest Crops: Frozen Vegetables

Peas: Harvest on the east and west side of Washington State is complete.  Pea quality was very good.

Green Beans: Green Bean harvest is slightly over 50% complete with lower than average yields and high quality beans being processed.  A long period of heat affected the middle of the Green Bean harvest slightly.  Bean plants make a flower in the same spot where the bean will later grow.  When it is very hot outside for days on end with no break for the plant to rest during hot nights, green bean plants will drop their flowers out of stress.  During recent hot weather this occurred.  Green bean plants bloom and are harvested more than once and farmers are hopeful that the next bloom will be in cooler weather.

Corn: High quality Columbia Basin super sweet corn is being harvested at peak capacity.  Hot weather in Eastern Washington caused some bunch ripening to occur, but harvesters and processors were prepared for this scenario.  By the issue of this report bunch ripening should no longer be an issue as long as very hot weather for days on end does not return.  As corn thrives in hot weather, heat did not affect the quality of the corn but only put pressure on the processors and harvesters to run corn more quickly.  

Carrot: Baby carrot processing is complete. Sliced carrot harvest and processing will be underway by September 1st with yield and quality good.  So far heat has had no effect on carrot crops.  Long periods of heat with very little water can cause carrots to split, but so far this has not been a problem as fields are well irrigated with water from the nearby Columbia River.   

Potato: Shepody potato harvest is over in Washington State giving way to Ranger Russet harvest in the beginning of September.  Yield was average and quality was extremely good for Shepody potatoes even though regional yields are lower than last year.  Ranger Russet potato harvest has started and will continue until the first week of September.  Ranger Russet quality has been very good although overall potato yield is down because less acres of potatoes were planted this year than last year. 

Blueberries: Japanese quality Reka blueberry harvest is over and overall blueberry harvest is 85 percent complete in Washington State.  Overall this season’s Reka berries were good quality with high yields.  Pricing should favor the customer this year.

Raspberries: Raspberry harvest is over, and lower than average volume but high quality yields were observed.

Our Mexican and Guatemalan Crops: Frozen Vegetables

Broccoli/Mexico: Going into September Mexico should begin to experience less rain than it has in the last few months.  As rain lessens Broccoli harvest and production will begin again at full capacity.  The beginning of September has seen less rain than August but the average rainfall for the month of September is still 3.14 inches compared to .71 inches come October.  There should be more to report soon.

Cauliflower/Mexico: Small quantity harvest still continues until large scale harvest starts up again in mid to late September or early October when seasonal rain lessens significantly.

Broccoli/Guatemala: Broccoli production continues with high quality broccoli currently being harvested and Guatemalan broccoli processors running their factories at full capacity.

Did you know…
International goat sales from Washington State have skyrocketed and Noon International is at the frontlines of the goat market after purchasing this handsome family of Mountain Goats.  Just kidding!  This herd of goats was actually spotted by a Noon International employee on a week long hike through the beautiful Enchantment Basin in the North Cascade Mountains.  These goats would surround their camp at night and bray and stomp keeping backpackers awake until the early morning.  No matter where the backpackers went there was always a pack of goats following behind hoping for a taste of salty human food.  Don’t worry, Noon International will stick to vegetables and save the goat business for someone else.

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