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Recently employees of Noon International had the opportunity to visit Guatemala and Mexico where Noon’s broccoli is grown and harvested.  The rainy season is waning and the quality of the broccoli was excellent – color was dark green with tight heads as our photos show.  From harvesting to transport to cutting and processing, Noon made sure that every step took into consideration the high harvesting and processing standards that our customers demand.  You might be able to find Broccoli from other parts of the world, but for our money we at Noon International demand the best product, and we know the world’s best broccoli is found in the mountains of  Guatemala, and the valleys of Mexico.   

Broc Field

Close Broc Field

Broc Plant

Broc Close Up

Our Northwest Crops: Frozen Vegetables

Corn:  Columbia Basin corn harvest should be finished by November 1st.  Harvesting will continue through the middle of October and lessen consistently until the season is over.  As of October the temperature in the Columbia Basin is dropping.  This year’s corn quality and yield have both turned out very well as our pictures have shown over the course of the season.    

Carrot:  Diced carrot production is underway in the Pacific Northwest.   The variety for diced carrot is Red Core Chantenay.  The quality has been good , however yields are reported to be down due to the over all smaller size of the carrots this year.   It has been reported that the mid summer heat has caused the carrot size to be smaller.   Usually the Red Core Chantenay carrots are extremely large in size, however we found them much smaller this season.  Harvesting is scheduled to continue until November 10th weather permitting.

Potato:  The last weeks of October should see late season Russet varieties Altura and Umatilla harvested. Yield and quality are very good.  Potatoes will go into storage for winter processing.  The mid September crop report reported expert predictions of 605 cwt per acre and some producers reported expected yields as high as 615 cwt, but for the Columbia Basin this record yield did not actually materialize.  At the end of the season 595 cwt per acre seems to be a more realistic yield.  As the adage goes, “Hindsight is 20/20”, or 595 cwt in this case.     

Our Mexican and Guatemalan Crops: Frozen Vegetables

Broccoli/Mexico: With the rainy season in Mexico over, broccoli harvest resumes at full capacity with high quality Broccoli harvested.

Cauliflower/Mexico:  High quality cauliflower harvested at full capacity.  The weather in Mexico has been mild with a good mix of rain and sun.     

Broccoli/Guatemala: Broccoli production continues with high quality broccoli currently being harvested and Guatemalan broccoli processors running their factories at full capacity.  This season has seen a good mix of rain and sun resulting in high quality raw product.

Did you know…?
The days are getting shorter along with the crop report here in Washington State, which can only mean one thing:  it will soon be winter.  As much as we want the summer to stay it is time to start getting ready for winter and the fun activities that come with the season.  This photograph was taken by the Stevens Pass webcam on September 30, 2009.  By the looks of it we here in the Seattle branch of Noon International don’t have much time to wait for winter fun to begin.



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