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November 1'st 2009

November marks a turning point at Noon International from the fast paced growing and harvesting season to the slower winter months when we prepare for the next busy crop season.  One of the last crops to be harvested is the Red Core Chantenay carrot variety which is used in diced carrot production.  Please enjoy the pictures taken by Noon International during one of the last field tours of the season.   As the pictures show Red Core Chantenays are larger than table carrots because they are given the most time to grow in order to maximize size.  The photos include carrots still in the ground after the scalper has gone over them, pulled carrots, a carrot field, and a carrot harvesting machine.   

Our Northwest Crops: Frozen Vegetables

Corn:  Columbia Basin corn harvest is finished.  This year’s corn quality and yield have both turned out very well.  As reported over the course of the season bunch ripening was a larger issue than usual due to the heat wave that hit Washington State during the summer.  The heat wave did not adversely affect the quality of the crop and suppliers were able to meet budget yields.    

Carrot:  Diced carrot production finished for the season.  Some small carrots were observed during late season harvest due to high heat in the summer.  Yields reportedly met budget.       

Potato:  Potato harvest mostly complete in Washington State although some small scale harvest might persist after the first of the month for some producers, but the vast majority of harvest is over.  Some frost damage for potatoes harvested after October 10th from the Columbia Basin was observed.  Potatoes processed for the winter will come out of winter storage. 

Our Mexican and Guatemalan Crops: Frozen Vegetables

Broccoli/Mexico:  High quality broccoli currently harvested and processed in Mexico. 

Cauliflower/Mexico:  Cauliflower supplies reportedly tight in Mexico.  Low frozen storage inventory from last year’s harvest, and a slow start to harvest this year, has made cauliflower in November scarcer than is normal.  Mexican suppliers hope to have cauliflower inventory back on track by December.

Broccoli/Guatemala:  Guatemalan broccoli continues to look good.  Quality and yield are very good.

Did you know…?

One of my favorite TV shows from Japan is called “Quiz : Socratic HR” (I believe it is NHK). The interviewer asks unique questions to candidates every time.  Noon International, Seattle, hired 2 employees this year. One of the interview questions was “to choose your favorite vegetable from Broccoli, Corn, Asparagus, Carrot and Green Pea and explain the reason why you chose it”. Is there any correct answer?



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