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Noon International recently visited the Columbia Basin to view the corn harvest.  This region is currently approximately 5 days from harvest depending on weather conditions.  Corn stalks are healthy and strong and cob tips are developing well.  As the crop photos show weather in Eastern Washington is sunny and dry.  Our attached photos show a view of the field, a Noon employee in the field, a cornstalk, and a picture of the cob in the husk still 3 weeks from harvest.


Our Northwest Crops: Frozen Vegetables

Peas: Harvest should be completed by July 20th. The quality this year is very good with a high percentage of AAA Grade available.  The excellent quality this year is due to the consistent weather pattern in the Northwest. 

Green Beans: Harvest in the Willamette Valley is expected to start week of July 20th. This was delayed due to cooler temperatures. Many suppliers actually planted some green beans in Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon. Harvest on these beans started early July. This will help with the yields, although overall yield is still expected to be down.

Corn: Planting has now been completed. Harvest has also started this week in the Columbia Basin. By next week (week of July 20th) corn will be in full production. A very warm and sunny spring has resulted in a healthy corn crop. At this time, yields are looking to be on target.

Carrots: Harvest of baby whole carrots started last week. Sliced carrots should start soon. Harvest of diced carrots is expected to start middle of September. So far quality of baby whole carrots is good.

Potatoes: Overall, acreage is down. As a result, yields in the Columbia Basin are expected to be down compared to last year. Even as yields are expected to be down, this year they are expected to be higher than yields in 2007.  

Blueberries: Oregon harvest to start approximately July 22. In Washington, many of the Duke variety berries are turning blue. Current estimated harvest start date is August 1st but may move up a day or two. Quantity is expected to be very high this year.

Raspberries: With some warmer weather harvest started the afternoon of June 30th, a few days earlier than expected. Usual harvest takes about 36 days to complete so estimated finish date is August 5th. So far harvest has been good with average crop quantity and quality

Our Mexican and Guatemalan Crops: Frozen Vegetables

Broccoli/Mexico: The rainy season has now set in and the quantity of the broccoli is beginning to decrease. The rain has not been constant, but when it has rained it has been very heavy. There have been some signs of rot due to heavy rains. Quality and quantity of broccoli will begin to improve mid September.

Cauliflower/Mexico: Quality of cauliflower is not affected as much by the rain as broccoli is. There has been some signs of yellow cauliflower found, but overall the quality is still good for Japan. Cauliflower is coming from  the state of Hidalgo.

Broccoli/ Guatemala: Harvest started first week of July, delayed by one week due to rains. The rain amount is above average. Some Japan quality broccoli is being harvested but higher quantities are expected soon and will stay high until December.

Did you know…
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