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Noon International recently visited the Colombia Basin to view the pea harvest.  We found that processors were in peak production with pea quality tender and sweet.   The weather was sunny and warm and fields not yet ready for harvest were healthy and strong.  We visited one field which was about 14 days from harvest.   Our photos attached show the field view, staff in field, pods on plants and peas inside the pod.

Our Northwest Crops: Frozen Vegetables

Peas: Pea harvest is approximately 75 percent completed. It is expected to finish July 20th. Quality this year is looking better than last year. This year, the spring has had better temperatures for peas and has been more consistent which has resulted in better quality peas. A larger percentage of peas this year have been A grade compared to last year. Yields so far are on track.


Green Beans: Due to continued cooler weather in the Willamette Valley, harvest is now expected to begin approximately July 20th. 

Corn: Planting will be completed in approximately another 2 weeks. Corn to date looks average to above average for plant health. Super sweet yellow corn will be the first to be harvested. Harvest should start between July 15th and July 20th.

Carrots: The harvest is still expected to begin around July 10th for sliced and baby whole carrots. Harvest conditions to this date are still favorable with no adverse conditions.

Potatoes: Potatoes from the Columbia Basin in storage is down 20.4% compared to last year at this time. Yield from this year’s harvest is expected to be down in the Columbia Basin compared to last year’s yield. The Basin’s processors have cut 2009 contract volumes by 8% - 10%. These contract cuts have had a major impact on 2009 planting decisions, resulting in fewer acres planted.   

Blueberries: Washington and Oregon weather has been ideal for the crop, sunny but not too hot. In Oregon, berries are formed but still green, with harvest scheduled July 20th. In Washington, harvest has moved up to August 1, one week earlier than last year. Overall estimated quantity to be higher than average, quality will depend on July weather.

Raspberries: The crop has improved even more since last report. New estimate is a better than average crop. Willamette variety to start harvest July 1st and Meeker variety to start July 4th.

Our Mexican and Guatemalan Crops: Frozen Vegetables

Broccoli/Mexico: Raw material is coming from North of Guanajuato State as well as Puebla. The quality of broccoli received is still decent but the quantity will continue to decrease as the rainy season continues. Mid July through mid September, the quality and quantity of broccoli will be at its lowest.

Broccoli/ Guatemala: Due to rains at the end of June, harvest has started this week, one week late.  The quality and quantity of the Patzun region still looks good.  Historically the best quantity of broccoli is available from July to December.

Did you know…

A member of Noon International recently learned how to make a traditional Japanese dish, “Maki sushi.” As this American has a large appetite, they decided to make “futomaki” with crab, avocado, and red pepper. They took the ingredients and rolled them using their makisu. Although there is much improvement to be made in the appearance, the sushi was very delicious. Last but not least, they enjoyed some fine Japanese beer and sake for a fun evening of Japanese culture. Kampai!! Can you guess who I am?

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