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Highlights: There was heavy rain in the Midwest last week.  It caused flooding in some lowland. Idaho recorded 3.65 inches of rainfall from June 1, 2009 through June 20, 2009. It became the wettest June on record.  The old record has 3.30 inches of rainfall back in 1967 and 1995. The low pressure system brought 4 inches of rainfall throughout the Corn Belt at Great Lakes and Minnesota.  The temperature was above average last week. 

Corn: 2009 Corn crop continued to develop.  Its pace has been slower than normal in many locations due to the delayed of spring planting. In Iowa, the largest corn producing state, the emergence was almost complete. The average height of 2009’s corn crop was shorter than normal. 70% of the 2009 corn crop was rated in good to excellent condition. It was 11% better than the corn crop a year ago.

Seneca Crop Report 2009:

Buhl, ID: The emergence and stands of the regular corn looked good. Supersweet Corn planting continued and expected to complete by this weekend. So far, more than 80% of Supersweet Corn crops were planted.  Idaho had heavy rain and thunderstorms this past week. There were 1.7 inches of rain recorded from 6/19/2009 through 6/22/2009.  June record of rainfall reached to 4.8 inches. The predicted forecast for this week looks good for several days. It will have normal temperature with 50’s degrees F for the lowest temperature and 80’s degrees F highest temperature.

Cambria & Oakfield, WI: Planting for Supersweet Corn was almost completed.  On the other hand, Regular Corn was more than half way done.  It was 4.8 days behind normal schedule.  There was 1 to 2 inches of rainfall recorded in Central Sands last week.  The temperature was below normal around the Midwest.  The predicted forecast this week is temperature will be normal or above normal.

Blue Earth & Rochester, MN: Corn planting continued to behind schedule due to rainfall at both Blue Earth and Rochester. So far more than half of the corn has planted in both Blue Earth and Rochester.  Temperatures were a little below normal last week. The predicted forecast this week is continues to rain.

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