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Highlights (by USDA): Heavy rains continued to pound parts of the Plains and Midwest, maintaining abundant moisture reserves for pastures and summer crops but slowing the northward progression of the winter wheat harvest, causing widespread flooding, and increasing concerns about the effects of any future heat waves on shallow-rooted corn and soybeans. 
In mid-June, an early-season heat wave gripped the Southeast.  In contrast, a record-setting chill returned to the Northwest.  Freezes were also noted in parts of Washington.

Much of the western half of the United States was dominated by cooler than normal temperatures that continued to slow small grain development.  Most notably, average weekly recordings in areas of Oregon and Washington dipped to as many as 8 degrees below normal. In contrast, above average temperatures blanketed the eastern half of the country.  Above average precipitation was received throughout much of the Pacific Northwest, northern Rocky Mountains, Great Plains, and Corn Belt, benefitting soil moisture levels in some areas while causing localized flooding in others.

Corn (by USDA):  Nationally, 75% of this year’s corn crop was reported in good to excellent condition, down slightly from ratings last week.  Due to above average rainfall that caused flooding in some fields and hail storms that shredded leaves in others, the portion of the crop rated good to excellent in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska, the five largest corn-producing States that represent over half of the Nation’s acreage.   

Seneca Crop Report 2010:

Supersweet planting is 2 to 3 days behind schedule due to cooler than normal temperatures but will finish this week.  Temperatures last week averaged below normal.  Temperature prediction is for near normal temperatures the next 10 days.

Corn planting is planned to be completed in Central Sands this week.  Minor wind damage this past week otherwise crop is in good condition in all areas.
Weather – Rainfall continues to be plentiful in all areas. Heaviest rainfall continues in IL and lessens as we get to Northern WI. Temperatures are forecasted to be slightly above normal for the week.

General rainfall occurred across all of the MN growing areas again the past week, with some heavy storms last Thursday / Friday in some areas of southern and southeastern MN (between Blue Earth and Rochester and towards Owatonna being the worst).  The forecast for the coming week has continued chances of rain / thunderstorms nearly every day.

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