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Highlights (by USDA): Despite early-month rainfall, corn planting advanced at a double-digit pace throughout much the Corn Belt. By May 6, producers had planted 71 percent of the Nation’s crop, 39 percentage points ahead of last year and 24 percentage points ahead of the 5-year average. With above average temperatures providing favorable growing conditions, nearly one-third of the corn crop had emerged by May 6. Fieldwork was rapid mid-month in many States, and by May 20, planting was 96 percent complete Nationwide, the quickest pace on record. Boosted by warm temperatures and mostly adequate soil moisture levels throughout the Midwest, crop development continued at a rapid pace during the latter half of the month. By June 3, emergence had advanced to 97 percent complete, 22 percentage points ahead of last year and 14 percentage points ahead of the 5-year average. Overall, 72 percent of the corn crop was reported in good to excellent condition on June 3, compared with 77 percent on May 20 and 67 percent from the same time last year.
(by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).)



Corn—Planting is on plan in all areas and planting depth is being monitored to assure that all seed is getting enough moisture.

Weather—Rainfall was less than 0.25” throughout. Forecast for this week is for a minimal chance of precipitation with temperatures to be at to above 80F for the upcoming week. Overall it is dry in the Midwest so rain is needed, but crops are in good growing conditions to date.


Good overall progress was made for corn planting as fields began to dry out from heavy rainfalls of the previous week. Normal high temperature for MN this time of year is ~77F. Temperatures were near normal early this past week, but will be much warmer than normal later in the week, with highs in the 90’s along with very windy conditions. This coming week is expected to start out cooler, with high temperatures in the lower 70’s early in the week, and then will become warmer as the week goes on, hitting the upper 80’s and low 90’s again by next weekend. Precipitation this week looks minimal until later in the week with chances of thunderstorms again by the end of the week. 



ハイライト(by USDA):5月初めの降雨に関わらず、2桁のペースで植え付けが進めらました。5月6日時点で72%のコーンが植えられており、これは作年比39%また5年平均を24%上回った数字です。平年より気温が高く作物に適した気候により、おおよそ3分の1が発芽しました。5月20日時点では96%という記録的なペースで 作付けが完了しており、5月後半も順調に成長しました。6月3日までに全体の97%で発芽しており作年度比22%また5年平均14%といずれの数字も上 回っています。72%のコーンが良好または極めて良好な状況であると報告されています。5月20日時点では77%、昨年の同時期は67%でした。






先週の大雨と乾燥した気候によってコーンは概ね順調に育っています。この時期のミネソタ州の平年最高気温は25Cです。先週の気温は平年並みで、例年この週 は最高気温が32Cと暑くなりまた強風が吹きます。今週の始めは最高気温が21Cと涼しくなりますが、週の後半につれて暖かくなり30C前後と予想されて います。雷を伴った雨が若干ながらも予報されています。

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