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Highlights: The showers at Midwestern were slowing the late season planting, but it kept the soil to reserve moisture. Cold weather in the Northern and Western Corn Belt limited corn to emergence and development. The Illinois River at Peoria was flooding for 89 days; it finally fell below flood stage for the first time since early March. This was even longer than the record of 1979, which was flooding for 71 days.  June 11, 2009 was a wet day across the lower Midwest and interior South; rainfall records were 2.9 inches in Indianapolis and 2.51 inches in Nashville.  There were more than 4 inches of rainfall in some locations of the already-soggy Corn Belt, except the Pacific Northwest. On the Contrary, Southeast area was mostly dry. Western half of the country was colder than normal.

Corn: Nationally, 95% of 2009 corn crop had emerged. It was 1% ahead of last year and 3 % slower than the 5 years average. In North Dakota, 25% of the corn crop emerged last week.  90% of the corn crop emerged completed. It was 6% behind last year and 8% behind normal. 70% of the corn crop was reported in good to excellent condition. There was a slight improvement than two weeks ago.  It was 13% better than last year.

Seneca Crop Report 2009:

Buhl, ID: The emergence and stands of the regular corn look good.  Planting for Super Sweet Corn is half way finished. There were a total of  3.15 inches of rainfall recorded in June, it was normally 0.85 inches.  Temperature was  a little below normal last week. The predicted forecast for this week is still slightly below normal, averaging 49 degrees F for the lowest temperature and 78 degrees F for the highest temperature. 

Cambria & Oakfield, WI: Regular corn was more than half way done planting. The emergence continued to be in good condition. Temperature was normal and is has been raining.

Blue Earth & Rochester, MN: Corn planting has been behind schedule due to rainfall at both Blue Earth and Rochester. There were 1.58 inches of rainfall recorded last week in Blue Earth. So far half of the corn has planted in both Blue Earth and Rochester.  Temperatures were a little below normal last week. The predicted forecast this week is normal temperature and rain. The rainfall should not be a major concern for harvest, but will affect corn plating.


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