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Highlights (by USDA):Weekly rainfall totaled 4 to 8 inches, with locally higher amounts, in many locations from the central Plains into the western Corn Belt.  For east of the Rockies, including the majority of the Midwest, warm, showery weather and abundant moisture reserves promoted rapid summer crop growth. Cool, showery weather lingered in the Northwest, while hot, mostly dry weather favored fieldwork and crop development in California and the Southwest.  Near- to below-normal temperatures (as much as 5 degrees F below normal) across the nation’s northern tier contrasted with hot weather in the southern half of the U.S. 
Early in the week, a major severe weather outbreak shifted from the Midwest into the Northeast. 

Corn (by USDA):  By week’s end, 98% of the 2010 corn crop was emerged.  With emergence complete or nearly complete across much of the major corn-producing regions, progress was most rapid in the Dakotas and the Ohio Valley where near-normal temperatures coupled with ample soil moisture.  Overall, 77% of the corn crop was reported in good to excellent condition.    

Seneca Crop Report 2010:

Finished planting Golden Whole Kernel last week.  Planting of super sweet continues (over 50% planted). Temperature this week are more normal for this time of year.

This past week continue on the raining side with precipitation throughout the week in most areas making for a good soaker but creating a difficult week for planting in Wisconsin.  Temperatures ended for the week below normal.  Forecast for the upcoming week continues with rain in the forecast throughout the week and temperatures to be end up being near normal.
Supersweet corn plantings in Central Sands have been completed.

Sweet Corn planting has now fallen behind this past week due to continued rains and wet soils in most growing areas.  If the rains stop, most plants will be back in the fields planting later this week.  Blue Earth supersweet corn is approaching having half of all acres planted.
Temperatures were close to normal this past week, with the forecast for the coming week to again be close to normal overall (cooler and wet the beginning of the week, and warmer towards the end of the week).
General rainfall across all of the MN growing areas the past week and again early this week.  The rains have been welcome and have come over the period of several days.  Other than the corn planting interruptions, the moisture has been good for the other crops.  Hopefully things will start to dry out some this week, although, there are continued chances of rain much of this week as well.

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