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Highlights: Temperature of Minnesota dropped to 8 degrees Fahrenheit below normal.  The weather at Midwest was cool and dry.  Across Great Lakes region, the temperature was chilly early last week.  Minnesota reported daily low to be at 29 degrees F on June 3 and 27 degrees F on June 6. 

Corn: In the Western Corn Belt, the weather condition was generally dry.  This helped corn planting to approach completion. Fieldwork became harder due to soggy condition in the Central Corn Belt area. Cool weather in the upper Midwest area slower the emergence and growth speed. Its May average temperature was at 2 to 6 degrees F below normal. By May 3, there were 33% of this year’s corn crop was planted.  This was 9% ahead of last year but it was 17% slower than 5 years average. By the middle of May, all states’ planting progress was behind the average except for Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and North Carolina.  By the end of May, 93% of 2009 corn crops were planted.  It is 1% behind last year and 4% behind the average. 14% of 2009’s corn crop was emerged by May 10.  It was 4% more than last year and 14% less than the 5 year average.  By May 31, the emergence rate is 73% in the nation’s crop with 70% were rated good to excellent.

Seneca Crop Report 2009:

Buhl, ID: The emergence looked good for Regular Corn.  Planting for Super Sweet Corn continued.  There were 1.4” of rainfall from last Friday night and Saturday. The predicted forecast for this week is normal temperature, which is at upper 40’s degrees F for the lowest temperature and mid 70’s degrees F for the highest temperature.

Cambria & Oakfield, WI: Corn planting is on schedule. Regular corn was half way done planting. Planting for Super Sweet Corn was almost finished. Emergence continued to be in good condition. Temperatures were slightly below normal with frost in the low areas of Central Sands this past week. The predicted forecast for this week is normal temperatures with showers off and on throughout the week. 

Blue Earth & Rochester, MN: Corn planting in Blue Earth is on schedule. One the other hand, corn planting in Rochester is a little behind schedule but generally on schedule. All of the corn crops were half way done planting in both Blue Earth and Rochester. There were 0.48” of rainfall last week in Blue Earth and 0.62” of rainfall last week in Rochester.  The rainfall was very necessary for the corn crops. 


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