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Highlights: At the last week of May, rainy weather was throughout the whole nation. Early last week, heavy rain was spreading from the South into the Midwest. This wetness has definitely disrupted the fieldwork.  Around Great Lakes region, the temperature is 5 degrees F below the normal. In Minnesota, the temperature was only 25 degrees F; Wisconsin was 29 degrees F and Minneapolis was 30 degrees F. Planting activities was slowed down across the central and eastern Corn Belt due to the weather condition.

Corn: The impact of the rain and cold weather did not affect the planting of corns around Iowa, Minnesota. These places are nearly completing their planting. 93% of corn crop was planted by last week; it is 1% behind last year’s pace and 4% behind the average.  Illinois, Indiana, North Dakota and Ohio, planting has increased by 20%. Except for Ohio, the 20% increase is actually 13 to 17% behind the average due to the saturated soil earlier in the season. Emergence, at 73%, which was 13% behind average, nationally. The corn emergence advanced more than 20% last week in most of the Corn Belt, it was still significantly behind from the 5 years average.  Planting was totally completed in Nebraska and North Carolina. The overall corn crop rating was 70% good to excellent. 

2009 Seneca Crop Report 2009:

Buhl, ID: Regular Corn was all planted on the last week of May. The emergence and stands are looking good. Supersweet Corn was started to plant on the week of May 25th. Temperature was reaching low 90’s degrees F last week.  The predicted forecast for this week is in upper 70’s degrees F.

Cambria & Oakfield, WI: Corn planting is on schedule. They are more than half way done. There were around 2.9” of rainfall in the Central Sands area last week.  The predicted forecast for this week is raining and slightly below normal temperature around the Wisconsin area.

Blue Earth & Rochester, MN: Corn planting is on schedule. There was around 0.11”of rainfall in Blue Earth and around 1.9” of rainfall in Rochester.  Soil moisture was generally good in Rochester and Blue Earth was a little dry. The temperature was relatively cool last week. The predicted forecast for this week is having a low possibility of chance to rain.  Corn planning was challenging in the dry conditions around north and west area. 


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