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Highlights (by USDA): Favorably dry weather overspread the Corn Belt, promoting summer crop development, and allowing water to drain from flooded fields and lowlands.  Toward week’s end, lingering tropical moisture was entrained into a cold front, bringing a return to wet weather across portions of the Plains and upper Midwest.  Elsewhere, mostly dry conditions prevailed in the West, although period of cool weather maintained concerns about sluggish crop development, especially in the Northwest.  Heavy rain developed in the south-central US in advance of Hurricane Alex’s arrival.  Midland received at least a trace of rain on 9 consecutive days from June 26 through July 4.  Farther north, lowland flooding lingered in parts of the western Corn Belt. 

Corn (by USDA):  According to USDA, 19% of this year’s corn crop was at or beyond the silking stage by week’s end, nationally.  While silking was at or on a near-normal place in Iowa, Minnesota, and Nebraska, above average temperatures coupled with adequate soil moisture levels in recent week had pushed progress in Illinois and Indiana, respectively.  Overall, 71% of the corn crop was reported in good to excellent condition, down slightly from ratings last week but equal to the same time last year.     

Seneca Crop Report 2010:

WEATHER: Rain and saturated farm lands continue to hinder planting and harvesting for all major vegetables.  Total rainfall ranges from 1.3” to 4” in the Midwest and New York over the past week.  The forecast over the coming week is for cool and dry at the beginning of the week and warming up for the first full week of July.  Weather in Idaho has been near normal, 54 F for low, 84 F for highs.

Temperatures were quite cool over the weekend of the 4th (highs mid to upper 70’s). That is about to change later this week when we see highs of upper 80’s to low 90’s (average) in Twin Falls area.  Stands look good in general.

Weather – Last week was the driest week across all areas since May.  June ended up in the Midwest from 6” total in the Gillett area to 14” total in the Manito IL area versus a normal of around 4”. Forecast for this week is rain across the Midwest for the first part of the week with normal to above temperatures forecasted.

Sweet corn planting was completed this past week with the sunny/dry weather allowing most fields to dry out; approximately 378 acres of sweet corn did not get planted due to continued wet field conditions from the prior wet weather. However, all of Blue Earth’s supersweet budget has been planted.  Temperatures were very close to normal overall this past week, with the forecast for the coming week to be slightly above normal. No significant rainfall this past week allowed most fields to finally dry out.

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