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Corn (by USDA):  By week’s end, 10 percent of this year’s corn crop was at or beyond the silking stage, 8 percentage points ahead of last year and 7 percentage points ahead of the 5-year average. Silking was most advanced in Tennessee, where despite declining soil moisture levels, above average temperatures pushed overall progress to 41 percentage points ahead of normal. Overall, 56 percent of the corn crop was reported in good to excellent condition, down 7 percentage points from ratings last week and 12 percentage points below the same time last year. Unfavorably hot, dry weather during the week increased drought stress throughout most of the major corn-producing regions of the country.
 (by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), Agricultural Statistics Board, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).)



Corn—Central Sands completed planting this past week. Janesville will continue to plant thru July 5th.

Weather—This past week saw our growing areas continuing to either have too much or none at all for rainfall. The Janesville local area, Mayville to Beaver Dam area all having received less than a inch since the 1st weekend in May, so deterioration of the crops continue. Northern WI received rain this past week continuing to be normal to above normal rainfall. However in the same time period, the balance of rainfall in our growing areas is below normal but receiving some timely rains. Forecast for the Midwest this week is hot and dry with temperatures close to 100 in most of Wisconsin and basically a very limited chance of rainfall. 


Corn—Planting was slower than desired this past week.  However, most areas are back into planting this week and if the weather cooperates (good forecast) most of the remaining acres will be planted this week or early next week.   

Weather—Normal high temperature for MN this time of year is ~82F.  Temperatures were near normal overall this past week.  Areas in Southern Minnesota that were dry (south of Rochester and around Blue Earth) received good rainfall with little hail, so that will help those areas.  We are expecting normal temps early this week, then moving well above normal (90's for highs) for the rest of the week.  Dry weather is expected.



コーン(by USDA):先週の終わりまでの時点でコーンのシルク部分の成長度合いは10%となり、昨年度を8ポイントまた5年平均を7ポイント上回っています。最も成長が早い地域はテネシー州で、土中の水分値の低下また平年を上回る気温にも関わらず、平年より41ポイント高く推移しています。全体としては、56%のコーンが良好または極めて良好と報告されており、この値は先週また昨年同時期と比較してそれぞれ7ポイント、12ポイント下回っています。高温、乾燥という好ましくない天候によって主要なコーン生産地の作柄状況は悪化しました。



コーン:Central Sands地域では作付けが完了しました。Janesville地域では7月5日までに作付けが完了する見込みです。

天候:これまで降水量は過剰または不足と極端に推移しています。Janesville地域(MayvilleからBeaver Dam area)では5月最初の週からの降水量が1インチ未満で作柄の悪化が続いています。ウィスコンシン北部では先週平年並みもしくは平年以上の降水量がありましたが全体としては平年を下回っています。今週の中西部は高温また乾燥した気候で気温は38℃前後と予報されています。降水確率は極めて低いとみられます。



天候:この時期の平均最高気温は28℃前後です。気温は平年並みに推移しています。これまで乾燥していた南ミネソタ地域に(South Rochesterと Blue Earth)降雨があり生育状況が改善されました。予報によれば、週の前半は気温は平年並みに推移し、後半は30℃強まで上昇する見込みです。乾燥した気候が予想されています。


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