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Highlights:  Temperature in Midwest was 5 degrees F about normal last week. Weekly rainfall still exceeded 2 inches at some locations across Midwest and from the lower Missouri Valley into the lower Great Lakes region last week. The above weather combination definitely helped the growth of the crops. Around Great Lakes, Corn Belt and Southern Great Plains was recorded 8 degrees above normal.

Corn:  72% of corn crop was rated in good to excellent condition last week. It was 2% better than 2 weeks ago and 11% better than 2008. There was an estimation of 87 million acres of corn fields this year. It was 1% increased from last year and 7% below 2007. This year is the second largest corn planting since 1946. Growers expected to harvest 80.1 million acres of corn this year.  This was 2% increased from 2008.  Overall, 97% of the intended corn acreage had planted.  10 major corn producing states are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin planted a total of 67.9 million acres of corn this year.  It was 3% increased from 2008. 

Seneca Crop Report 2009:

Buhl, ID:  Planting for both Supersweet Corn and Regular Corn was done.  Supersweet Corn emergence in general was good. Temperature was below normal early last week. It was around 90’s degrees F towards the end of last week. The predicted forecast this week is temperature will be above normal. The highest temperature will be 80’s degrees F to 90’s degrees F.

Cambria & Oakfield, WI:  Planting for Supersweet Corn was almost completed. Regular Corn was more than half way done. The temperature was normal and above normal last week. The predicted forecast this week is temperature will be above normal.

Blue Earth & Rochester, MN:  Planting for Supersweet Corn for both Blue Earth and Rochester are completed.  Planting for Regular corn is expected to be finished this week. Corn planting was good in most areas, except for areas that were too wet to plant.  Temperature was above normal last week.  The highest temperature was around upper 80’s degrees F to middle 90’s degrees F.  Hot temperature definitely helped the growers for corn planting.  Most areas of the west and northwest were dry.  The predicted forecast this week is very few chances for showers.  The predicted highest temperature is around early 70’s degrees F early in the day and 80’s degrees F later in the day. 

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