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Highlights (by USDA): Weekly rainfall totals in excess of 4 inches were common in Iowa and neighboring states.  Warmer weather across the northern Plains and the West promoted rapid corn growth, although showers lingered across the northern Rockies and northern Plains.  Temperatures rebounded to near-normal levels in the West and were above normal from the Plains to the East Coast. 

Summer storm systems delivered above average precipitation to much of the northern Great Plains, Corn Belt, and Great Lakes region during the week.

In Iowa, rainfall pushed the Des Moines River near Stratford to its second-highest level on record.  Farther north, Rochester, MN, set a June record with 20 days of measureable rain La Cross, WI, received 9.01 inches of rain during the first 27 days of the month, representing its wettest June since 1993.  Similarly, Lincoln, IL, set a June rainfall record.  Severe thunderstorms accompanied the widespread rainfall.

Corn (by USDA):  By week’s end, 7 % of the Nation’s corn crop was at or beyond the silking stage. Above average temperatures promoted rapid phonological development of the crop in North Carolina.  Overall, 73% of the corn crop was reported in good to excellent condition.    

Seneca Crop Report 2010:

100% of supersweet has been planted.  Stands look good in general. Temperatures the past 3 days have been 90 to 100 degrees with a cool down predicted mid to late week.

Corn pack is estimated to start a couple of days ahead of schedule.

Temperatures were below normal this past week, with the forecast for the coming week to be close to normal.

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