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Highlights: Chilly conditions were across the Northern Plains, Central Plains and the Western Corn Belt.  Temperature last week was 10 degrees F below normal. Despite crop development delayed, the growing conditions were favorable for corn in the Midwest. On the other contrary, cross the Deep South area, harvest activities for Corn slowed down due to the wet conditions. 2.89” of rainfall were recorded in Duluth, MN. Moreover, the Eastern half of the Nation received lots of rainfall.  Central Great Plains Corn Belt recorded 4” of rainfall.

Corn: 70% of the Corn Crop rated in good to excellent condition. This has a 2% improvement from last week and 6% better from last year. Rapid rainfall was helping the crop development. There was 57% of Corn Crop at or beyond the dough stage. This was 9% behind last year and 22% behind the 5 year average. There was 18% of Corn Crops in the dent stage.  This was 7% behind last year and 25% behind the average.

Seneca Crop Report 2009:

Buhl, ID: Regular Corn started to harvest on August 17, 2009. Cream Style Corn production started on August 22, 2009. Supersweet Corn continued to look good. Temperature last week was between 80’s degrees F to 90’s degrees F throughout the week. There were showers on Sunday. Predicted temperature this week is in 80’s degrees F early in the week and will get to 90’s degrees F by Thursday.

Cambria & Oakfield, WI: So far, there was 25% of Regular Corn packed. This was behind from last year’s 33% and two years’ ago 53% record. There was 1” to 3” of rainfall last week across entire growing areas. The predicted temperature this week is normal temperature at the beginning of the week and cooler temperature towards the end of the week. Rainfall is expected during the middle to the end of this week.

Blue Earth & Rochester, MN: Blue Earth has 51% of Regular Corn harvested and Rochester has 14% of Regular Corn harvested so far. There were 0.78” of rainfall measured at Blue Earth and 1.49” at Rochester last week. Temperature was close to normal last week. The predicted temperature this week is continuous to be normal. Rainfall is expected at the beginning of this week.

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