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Highlights: On the upper Great Lakes region, including Wisconsin and Minnesota, temperature was cool and dry. Dozens of Midwestern cities experienced record low temperature during July. Temperature was at least 5 to 7 degrees F below normal. Moreover, rainfall was below average around the Great Lakes area.

Corn: Corn production is expected to be at 12.8 billion bushels. It will be 5% increase from last year and 2% lower than 2007. Based on the condition on 8/1/2009, yields are expected to average 159.5 bushels per acre. It is 5.6 bushels increased from last year. This could be the second highest yield on record behind 2004 and production will be the second largest behind 2007. Central Great Plains and Western Corn Belt had mild temperatures and moisture soil suitable for growing. On the contrary, yield in the Central Corn Belt are lower due to delayed on planting and the temperature were mostly below normal.

Seneca Crop Report 2009:

Buhl, ID: Regular Corn had silked and continued to look good. The estimated harvest date is 8/15/2009. Supersweet Corn continued to look good. There were 120 acres silked. At the beginning of last week, the temperature was at the upper 90’s degrees F. By last Friday through Sunday, temperatures were dropped to below normal. There were strong winds, showers and hail in many places on 8/7/2009. Some fields of corn are tipped and twisted due to the strong wind. The predicted temperature for this week is at 90 degrees F at the first half of the week and mid 80’s towards the end of the week.

Cambria & Oakfield, WI: Regular Corn in both Cambria and Oakfield will start harvesting approximately in these few days. Crop looked good generally. Temperature became much warmer last week. There were 0.5” to 3” of rainfall measured last week. Expected temperature this week is to stay warm and will have showers at the end of the week.

Blue Earth & Rochester, MN: Regular Corn in Blue Earth started on harvesting on 8/5/2009. Estimated Cream Style Corn will begin to harvest on 8/18/2009. Harvesting for Supersweet Corn is approximately after Cream Style Corn. Corn crops in Rochester are expecting to begin harvest 5 to 7 days later than normal. In Rochester, the estimated harvest date for Regular corn is within these few days. The Cream Style Corn began to harvest on 8/7/2009. Temperature last week was below normal most of the days. At the end of last week, the temperature increased to 80’s degrees F. The predicted temperature for this week is above normal at 80’s to 90’s degrees F.



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