8 Foods eaten in the USA that are banned in other countries…

I just read an article from buzzfeed.com regarding 8 foods we eat here in USA and that are banned from other countries.

The original list comes from Dr. Jayson Calton and certified nutritionist Mira Calton’s new book, Rich Food, Poor Food.

The 8 culprits were:

1) Artificial food dye which makes food look nice however it inhibits nerve-cell development. Some foods that may contain artificial food dyes include sports drinks, cake mixes and even macaroni and cheese.

2) Olestra (or Olean) which lowers calorie counts while causing vitamin depletion and anal leakage. This one might be found in fat-free potato chips, corn chips and french fries.

3) Brominated Vegetable Oil, this one is used to help food dye stick to liquid but may also cause birth defects and major organ damage, this can be found in sports drinks and citrus-flavored sodas.

4) Potassium bromate (or Bromated flour), this ingredient used by impatient bakers is also bad for your kidneys and nervous system, it can be found in wraps, rolls, bread crumbs, bagel chips and flat bread.

5) Azodicarbonamide this one is used to bleach flour but is can also induce asthma, found in breads, frozen dinners, boxed pasta mixes and packaged baked goods.

6) BHA and BHT, this are waxy preservatives used to keep food from becoming rancid however they are linked to cancer and tumors which can be found in cereal, nut mixes, gum, butter, meat and dehydrated potatoes.

7) Synthetic growth hormones rBGH and rBST, these hormones usually given to cattle could give humans breast, colon and prostate cancer, these could be found in milk and dairy products.

8) Arsenic, I was quite shocked by this one, since it can literally kill you, seems like it can be found in poultry since it’s used as chicken feed to make the meat appear pinker and fresher.

You can read more as well as the countries from which these ingredients are banned in the following article: buzzfeed.com

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